Welcome to the inner workings of Crowd Forge Studio

Hail and welcome! I’m Jacob, owner and lead designer at Crowd Forge Studio, an Australian company dedicated to creating innovative, crowd-sourced solutions for tabletop games. CFS exists to bring you the supplementary products you’ve always wanted for some of your most favourite games . This blog will chronicle what CFS is working on, and share insights into some design decisions behind our current and upcoming projects. This way, you’ll know where we’re headed and how we propose to get there.

Depending on what’s in the works, this blog will be updated between one and four times a week, to keep you up to date with progress on our various projects.

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think of our work, how you feel it could be improved, and what you’d be most interested in seeing next, so feel free to comment on these posts, or visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter .Crowd Forge Studio is serious about turning gamers’ wish lists into realities, so let us know your thoughts!


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