Metro Morph: Modular Card Terrain that is Strong and Stable

Last post I delved into what made our modular card based terrain system Metro Morph, tough enough for everyday wargaming. Today we’ll continue the discussing by focussing on the system’s capability for weight bearing and stability.

A common concern when the topic of card based terrain is raised is whether it is strong enough to support the miniatures themselves. At first you might think card is flimsy and too weak a structural material  but a quick google search will reveal some of its remarkable physical properties.


Surprisingly strong stuff


Card itself can be used to support a great deal of weight. But the real question remains, can card pieces being clipped together, in the way Metro Morph does, support enough weight for the average wargaming table components? I think pictures will say more than I could at this point, so what follows are a few snaps from some early stress tests.


Ubiquitous Soda Can

Basic platform

Supporting just in centre

Supporting across entire surface












As you can see, the Metro Morph system even when connected at its absolute most basic level without added bracing is able to hold 8 full cans or 1.68Kgs of weight comfortably (That’s about 3.7 Pounds for those on Imperial). Considering the average miniature weighs in at a rough 10 grams this is more than enough to support even the most extreme case of large, weighty miniatures (Or cramming in over 100 average size miniatures….).


Can these guys even all fit on that space?


A second area of uncertainty, when it comes to real world play, is stability. How balanced and sturdy will a structure be made from the Metro Morph system? Again, pictures paint a clearer message than any words would at this point, so I’ll let them do the talking.


Tower standing 28’ high

Could potentially be taller. Just ran out spare test pieces!











As can be seen, multi-storeyed buildings are more than possible within the system to the point of satisfying even the most demanding need for vertical structures. Of further note it should be mentioned how models can be placed on outcropping regions, the clips clearly and comfortably being able to support and balance their weight.










                                 Ledges? No worries. Clips easily hold this type of weight



I think by this point it is fairly evident how Metro Morph has striven to become a real durable option for tabletop wargaming terrain. The next few posts will look further in detail how the card panels are joined together and what combinations of builds are possible.


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