Metro Morph’s Secret Weapon Against Wear And Tear

In a previous post I covered how the Metro Morph terrain system has been designed to stand the test of time on your tabletop as a tough and sturdy option. While I did mentioned it in passing in that post, today I’ll be focusing on one of the key features which enables us to deliver on claims of durability, our unique Protective Sticker system.

How do we make Metro Morph stand up to repeated hard use?

Over time, and with repetitive use, terrain, whether made of plastic, wood or card, is going to show signs of wear. While card has proven itself an excellent medium to bring brilliant graphics to the tabletop and be more than capable of supporting enough weight, it can be susceptible to minor abrasions and tears. While this has been mitigated to some extent by sealing each panel’s outer surface in protective scratch proof varnish, from Metro Morph’s earliest development I wanted an even more proactive method to give the terrain an even longer life.

Protective Stickers

Protective Stickers keep your terrain lasting longer. They can be used both to prevent potential damage as well as an easy patching solution to any marring already there. Thanks to the shared art theme on the stickers, these patches and extra protective regions are all going to blend in seamlessly with the underlying graphics. This means that not only is your Metro Morph terrain going to continue to last game after game, but it will do so still looking its best!

Want further protection for your panels?

So where would I consider using them?

The areas on each panel where a clip can be slotted on is a natural place for further protection. The clips which join all the panels together have been designed and tested to cause as minimal damage as possible after continued and repeated use. Protective Stickers increase this time by acting as a defensive barrier between the plastic clips and the card panels they slot onto. In this way, they shield the underlying card from the normal wear and tear caused by repeated friction generated by putting together and taking apart your buildings.

Just how easy it easy to put the Protective Stickers on

Not only can they be used as a preventative measure, but if you find a panel which has already sustained some manner of damage, then they can be quickly and easily patched with a Protective Sticker. Simply peel them off and press them onto the place which requires protection or damage control.

Water damage and abrasion repaired with Protective Sticker!

Protective Stickers take an already robust base and make it even more durable! They are an incredibly simple but powerful solution to keeping your Metro Morph terrain in the game for years to come. So let us know, with the inclusion of Protective Stickers, is Metro Morph durable enough for your gaming needs?

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your support.

    I’m extremely interested in having different themes available for Metro Morph. It was designed so that with a simple reskinning of art a really different look and atmosphere could be achieved.

    As you mention, it will depend on the success of the Kickstarter and people’s interest in the base product. The best we can do at the moment is spread the word on Metro Morph and show people what the system has to offer.


  2. Wow!

    This scenery looks fantastic! Looking forward to the Kickstarter launching imminently…

    Quick question: After the Metro Morph KS succeeds spectacularly, would you consider doing your next project as ruined fantasy/historical buildings that could be used for example in Mordheim/Flames of War/Frost Grave etc.?

    Thanks and good luck!

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