Kickstarter A Resounding Success

Over the last month Crowd Forge Studio has held a highly successful campaign for our Metro Morph wargaming terrain kits. The Kickstarter campaign over that time was able to raise more than 165% of our initial funding goal! This means we are able to move forward into our final development stage to start to get Metro Morph manufactured and into the hands of gamers worldwide.

Huge Thanks to all who took part

We were able to unlock a whole wealth of additional content  which will now be added to standard Core Sets free of charge, making them even more incredible value than they previously were. These included extra components such as wall and floor panels, more clips and even great customisation kits which allow you to further personalise your terrain.

You now get all these added bonuses with your Core Sets!

The general response to Metro Morph and the campaign was hugely positive, with followers, backers and reviewers being highly supportive of a more affordable terrain option for tabletop wargames. Here’s what some prominent reviewers had to say about it.

Drive Thru Games

Beats of War

Faeit 212

If you missed the campaign don’t despair. Shortly our pledge manager for the Metro Morph project will be open for you to make a late pledge at and pick up some amazing deals. Be sure to jump on there before its close date and join hundreds of other hobbyists who have shown their support for this awesome project.

The First Founder’s Honour Roll, commemorating all those who joined the campaign

We could not have made this campaign the success it was without the help of some great people and all our backers. Thanks to all who showed their support for this project and allowed Crowd Forge Studio to take its first vital steps towards fulfilling its goal of producing awesome supplementary products for tabletop games.

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