Personalising Your Metro Morph Wargaming Terrain

While the Metro Morph system is already a highly modular wargaming terrain solution, I really wanted to offer further ways to differentiate your own kits with individual flourishes. This is where the idea of Customisation Kits occurred.


These stickers offer a great deal of thematic character and mood


Customisation Kits are designed to add further details to your Metro Morph terrain by giving you the chance to add individual graphical components to the existing art. This is achieved through adhesive stickers which can easily be applied to the underlying structural panels. These simple to use additional components offer three great benefits.


Firstly they give you the chance to install a greater sense of atmosphere and mood into the environments you are currently battling over. The ability to add further story behind your miniature battles can lead to some truly memorable and fun filled games.


Set the stage of conflict with a poster



Secondly, customisation kits allow for you to commemorate particularly outstanding and noteworthy accomplishments within your games. You can use them to mark out and commemorate the site of a great victory or warn of others follies or highlight objectives and mission objectives in a clearer fashion. In this way your battlefield terrain can evolve and grow with your games and take on a whole life of their own.



Recall that time your fighter dropped 6 levels….



Lastly, these additional kits give you the chance to make your standard terrain kits more personalised and unique. You can use them to turn what is already an incredibly diverse series of varied underlying art into even further distinct and varied directions as you see fit.


Give your buildings a more definite purpose


Our most recent Kickstarter was fortunate enough to unlock both customisation Kits posters and signs and these will come with every Core Set pre ordered. While we can’t say much more about future releases at this stage, hopefully you can see the potential of additional Customisation Kits which could be released to even add more variety and diversity to your Metro Morph wargaming terrain. So let us know, what kinds of kits do you want to see in future?



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