Metro Morphs Totally Unique Components

Previously I’ve spoken of the art direction and style used on our modular wargaming terrain Metro Morph. Over the course of that post I mentioned how components were designed to be double sided and how this allows for a great deal of variety in putting different looking terrain pieces together from essentially the same parts. Today I’ll be looking at how we made every single component of our Metro Morph Core Sets unique.


A ton more potential variety thanks to that Stretch Goal


One of the highlights of our recent Kickstarter campaign was the unlocking of a Stretch Goal which meant all metro Morph Core Set components would contain unique art. This was a huge bonus to my mind as it essentially meant you could use the same kit to make structures which would all have their own distinct appearances. This coupled with the previously mentioned double sided aspect to the components meant the number of potential unique looking buildings had increased incredibly.


Since the close of the campaign we have produced all the final art for these additional pieces and are proud to show you some of the different options here.








I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the added variety which will now come as standard in all our Core Sets. I believe these will ensure that you can make a battlefield for your miniature wargames which looks totally different from end to end and game to game. Let us know what you can see yourself making with them as we are always keen to hear.



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