Additions Made to Metro Morph Post Kickstarter

Post Kickstarter campaign additional tweaking and development went into the Metro Morph system as further prototypes were relayed back and forth with the manufacturer. Now that everything has been finalised and produced it is a good time to share a few of the more noteworthy additions which were added into the kits over this period.

1. The cardstock used for all the components was given a great upgrade , making it even thicker and more durable than those of the initial prototypes (As seen in previous posts). This gives what was already a stable and sturdy product an even more substantial presence in the hand and on the table.

”Thicker card means even more long lasting components”

2. Plastic inserts were added to each kit as a way for users to store their components in when not in use. While I initially wanted to stay agnostic on this point and let people store their gaming pieces how they wished, given people the option of using these inserts was too good to pass up.

”Keep everything packed away flat again after use”

3. All Core Sets received an additional bag of clips. Initially this was a Kickstarter Stretch Goal which would have given each backer a single extra bag of clips. It was felt though this was too limiting and that each Core Set should be upgraded with this bonus.

”More clips gives you more building options”

4. All sticker sets received a final matte finish. This made them blend far better with the surrounding graphics. The original stickers did the job really well, this new lot so much better.

”No gloss (right) means even better camouflage of the clips”

Each of these small additions, while costing extra time and resources to develop, helped to make an already great product even better. More than this though, the lessons learnt on finalising these pieces and bringing them to the production stage is invaluable and something which will benefit all future projects incredibly. Good times ahead!

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