Metro Morph First Campaign Wrapped Up

It has been a long journey with some hurdles along the way, but I’m happy to say the first Metro Morph campaign is all but finalised. There are a few orders still to get out to some international backers which are on hold due to various countries pandemic lock down policies, but each of these are ready to be sent out when the opportunity arises.

I’m happy to say fulfilment went really smoothly with backers getting hold of their ordered kits in a timely manner from centres receiving shipments. Most importantly, the feedback from these users has been hugely positive. Getting the kits made and in the hands of gamers was the driving force of the Metro Morph project, so seeing photos of the terrain on people’s gaming tables across the world has been a real pleasure for me to behold. Deepest thanks to you all!

”I was bowled over by some of the gaming tables people have been sending through to me. Inspirational!”

The feedback is such that this initial Metro Morph project will be followed up with another campaign. Early days yet, but I’ll be posting progress through here and social media as it develops. Let’s just say there are some really interesting developments underway which will extend what is already a super versatile system even further. Stay tuned for more!

In closing, the Metro Morph project was an amazing experience. It enabled me to explore an aspect of the hobby which I felt was underutilised, design as innovative solution to the problems I saw with current offerings and follow through on what I originally envisaged through production and final delivery. I set out to make a product I’d be happy to use on my own table top and this at the very least I feel I have achieved.

“Seeing this idea come to life has been truly incredible”

With this chapter closing though, a new one opens. Previous backers and newcomers alike, I’m keen to hear your take on the product and know where you’d like to see it go next. Hope to be hearing from you soon!

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