Metro Morph First Campaign Wrapped Up

It has been a long journey with some hurdles along the way, but I’m happy to say the first Metro Morph campaign is all but finalised. There are a few […]

Additions Made to Metro Morph Post Kickstarter

Post Kickstarter campaign additional tweaking and development went into the Metro Morph system as further prototypes were relayed back and forth with the manufacturer. Now that everything has been finalised […]

Metro Morphs Pledge Manager Goes Live

Fantastic news today for all those who missed the initial Kickstart campaign for our modular wargaming terrain system Metro Morph, you can now make a late pledge!   From today […]

Metro Morphs Totally Unique Components

Previously I’ve spoken of the art direction and style used on our modular wargaming terrain Metro Morph. Over the course of that post I mentioned how components were designed to […]

Personalising Your Metro Morph Wargaming Terrain

While the Metro Morph system is already a highly modular wargaming terrain solution, I really wanted to offer further ways to differentiate your own kits with individual flourishes. This is […]

Kickstarter A Resounding Success

Over the last month Crowd Forge Studio has held a highly successful campaign for our Metro Morph wargaming terrain kits. The Kickstarter campaign over that time was able to raise […]