In a previous post I covered how the Metro Morph terrain system has been designed to stand the test of time on your tabletop as a tough and sturdy option.Read More
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Previous posts have highlighted the strengths, durability and highly modular nature of the Metro Morph card terrain system.     This post will look more closely at the art directionRead More
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Last post I detailed just how modular our wargaming terrain, Metro Morph, actually is.     Today’s post is looking at the overall scale used by the Metro Morph systemRead More
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Last post I introduced how the individual panels of our wargaming terrain Metro Morph is connected together through a series of plastic clips.     This post will be coveringRead More
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Previously I covered how our modular card based terrain system Metro Morph is not only tough enough for the tabletop but also its ability to carry huge amounts of weight whileRead More
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Last post I delved into what made our modular card based terrain system Metro Morph, tough enough for everyday wargaming. Today we’ll continue the discussing by focussing on the system’sRead More
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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your support.

    I’m extremely interested in having different themes available for Metro Morph. It was designed so that with a simple reskinning of art a really different look and atmosphere could be achieved.

    As you mention, it will depend on the success of the Kickstarter and people’s interest in the base product. The best we can do at the moment is spread the word on Metro Morph and show people what the system has to offer.


  2. Wow!

    This scenery looks fantastic! Looking forward to the Kickstarter launching imminently…

    Quick question: After the Metro Morph KS succeeds spectacularly, would you consider doing your next project as ruined fantasy/historical buildings that could be used for example in Mordheim/Flames of War/Frost Grave etc.?

    Thanks and good luck!

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